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Dreams, Ghosts, Paranormal Activities, Strange life events

So I have always had very vivid and lucid dreams. Also, I have had many astral projections. I suffer from sleep paralysis and often I have night terrors.  I have also experienced "Old Hag Syndrome" quit a few times. They all seem to be some sort of a premonition or symbolic of bad things to come. Twice  in my life I have seen apparitions (yes ghosts) and I was no where near a sleeping state of mind, so it was no question about it being REAL. Ive had dreams in which people who have passed away have come to visit me and sent along little messages. For the record I don't take sedatives, do any drugs, no, I am not a crazy person either. No they aren't hallucinations. I would have been diagnosed a long time ago during my emotionally disturbed EMO centric teenage years. LOL :)  I am actually very private and shy about this because I know people are quick to pass judgment or accuse me of not being honest. But I have always kept a record on things of this nature that I have experienced. And I have had some witnesses. Please read this with an open mind and know I am being 100% honest and would like people to share and step forward with their stories.

When I was around 12 years old, I was laying in bed reading a book with a small light on. I looked at the doorway and saw my mom walk past into the next room and turn on the light. I called for her and I got up and went into the room and there was no one there!!. When I searched the house I found her- She was all the way in the kitchen sitting down reading a magazine and smoking a cigarette. I remember telling her what happened and she told me I was just dreaming and to go back to bed. I was wide awake, 100% positive wide awake! and who else switched that light on?? That was one of my first abnormal experiences.  It always drives me crazy to think about that day.    The fact that my mother passed away so young doesn't help alleviate this mystery for me either.                                            
So, I want to speak about some recent crazy events. On the night of March 28th 2011, I had one nightmare after another where I was waking up every hour scared and trembling. In the last nightmare, It was one of those where, while dreaming, I wake up in my bed thinking it is reality but I am actually still dreaming. I heard a noise coming from downstairs and sounded as if someone broke into my house and was coming up the stairs. When the burglar finally showed their face it was a hideous and deranged looking woman. She had an ax in her hands, and she was ready to swing it right at me.  Just about to split my head open when I jolted awake.

 I don't know if my eyes were fuzzy or what but I definitely CLEARLY saw a sort of beige colored lighted shape that looked EXACTLY like an ghost of a man upside down hanging from my ceiling. And he was staring at me laying in the bed. He was grimacing at me, it felt extremely evil, and his face was in a malicious scowl. During this episode, I was paralyzed. He slowly  disappeared and I was able to move again and I immediately woke up my boyfriend to tell him and he just mumbled in his sleep and held me. I could not fall back asleep, I was very disturbed.   This started one very disturbing week.

The day after that dream, the police found a deceased man in front of my house. He was riding a bike, and fell out- it was probably a heart attack or something of that sort. I was at work when this happened but my boyfriend woke up to the sound of sirens and crime scene tape and he told me what happened. It deeply disturbed me. We didn't know who he was, and ever since that day I get such a creepy feeling when I walk to and from my car to my house. I will probably always feel this sad feeling I get crossing over where they found his body.

That same week me and my boyfriend saved 2 dogs from killing each other. We happened to be driving past and see 2 pitbulls locked jaws with a frantic crowd surrounding them (I thought the lockjaw was a myth) They were bleeding profusely and had their jaws tight around their neck and face. I screamed at my boyfriend to stop the car and he jumped out and grabbed the dogs hind legs and pulled and they finally released each other. I was so upset in tears. We just looked at each other crazy like we had the same disturbed feeling about this entire week.

On the highway home we are cruising along a 4 lane highway in the middle lane when I see this little (2 or 3) girl on the right side of me running down the driveway towards the highway. I scream out the window STOP RIGHT THERE and she paused right at the curb. My boyfriend slammed on the brakes jumped out of the car and ran after her. Just then a car sped right past her. Literally it  could have skimmed her nose that's how close it was. There were no adults around! Then her mom appears out of the garage and runs to grab her and points to the road saying you could have got killed. We both have chills running down our backs.

For some reason, my brain connects all these strange events in a sequence. Exactly one month after seeing that ghastly menacing apparition, In May 2011, my girlfriend passed away. I cant help feeling like this was a warning or some type of a bad omen. April and May have always been bad luck months for me and I seem to have some sort of weird unexplainable or bad tragedies during this time.

April and May of 2009 I had extreme tragedies and weird dreams as well.
Well, My mother passed away in April 2009. And I had a very lucid dream after she passed. We were sorting thru her personal possessions and she was crying. She kept telling me she wasn't ready to go yet, and I was helping her pack up her things.I had another dream sometime later. We were somewhere cold, and wet, and it was very bright, so bright I couldn't see anything. And I heard my mother say, "It doesn't matter if its cold or  wet, as long as we are together, we can stay here together forever" And I felt her hug me and I got really warm and happy. It was so comforting, and very healing to me. It was beautiful and therapeutic to my soul. I know it was her coming to see me!

In May 2009, Me and my boyfriend were occasionally  hanging out with a motorcycle crew called "Borinquen Riders" and decided to take a bike trip with them to an event up in Newark NJ. There were about 10 bikes and 2 cars (all the girls lol). It seems as if that day death was chasing us. A helmet flew off and almost hit 2 of the bikers which would have caused a major accident (one of them being my boyfriend). 2 of the bikes at different times broke down right in the middle of the highway. One of the guys, Noel, got in an argument with his wife and threw his helmet at a car. The driver of the car I was in, kept swerving to avoid hitting another vehicle. When she pulled over to help one of the bikes that wouldn't start- I ended up feeling I would have a better chance on the bike, not to mention I was split off from my boyfriend who took off down the highway unaware I was left behind.. I told our friend Cesar I would rather ride home with him on the bike also so he can catch up to my boyfriend. So we took off and I literally felt like I was about to fall off the bike. I was used to riding with my boyfriend who is all big and brawlic and conscientious of me as a passenger, and this kid is super skinny and a showoff revving the engine-  I had no grip on the bike. I was terrified I was going to fall off and die!
We finally meet up with the rest of the crew, and one of the Bikers Noel, told us to meet up at his house later for drinks and BBQ. Me and my boyfriend had previous plans, and after that day that we felt like death was chasing us, we decided to leave immediately .

Later that night, when Noel was riding home, he was hit by a van, the woman was not a licensed driver. He passed away the next morning from his injuries. Later, we drove past where his accident was, and we took a shard of his neon green bike to remember him by. Going to his funeral and seeing his wife and children was heartbreaking.

I never felt the presence of death so close that I felt his breath on my neck, until that day. We all talked about how felt death in the air. The grim reaper succeeded and took one, and I KNEW he wouldn't quit until he got one. :( Very sad and I will never forget that short memory I have of him when he was carrying his granddaughter on his shoulders as we walked thru the parade.

Let me now elaborate on some of my astral projection stories.

One instance, the exact second I laid my head down on the pillow to go to sleep... what feels like my soul escaped thru my nose and I was watching myself sleep. I then noticed the blanket I appeared to be wearing was a green fuzzy blanket. I do not own one of those. The second I realized that, the blanket switched to the red plaid one I DID fall asleep with and my soul came crashing down back into my body.

Another instance... I felt my soul get stuck trying to get out of my body and I look and see my cat laying on my legs. I woke up immediately and yes, there he was, laying on my legs!
Actually one out of body experience I was traveling thru my town I was lost, I finally found my house and float into my room and I see a creepy little girl standing against the wall. I fall back into my body and I then woke up bewildered.

I remember another time, I fell asleep for what felt like 5 seconds and I heard high wailing sounds and felt someone beating on my back. I had trouble waking from that one. 
They seem to come at random times without any provoking by me. I have read that some people practice this astral projection for years with no success. Strange someone would want to experience something  so scary and uncontrollable.
Share some of your strange stories with me! I have an open mind and I wont pass any judgement on you :) 

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