Wednesday, May 2, 2012


I have to make a special tribute to the Fashion World.  I am the Fashion Police! LOL
In my opinion, there is nothing worse then Plain-Jane fashion. I hate how everyone follows trends and dresses the same. People will go out and buy an exact same outfit they saw on someone else, or in a magazine. What really works my nerves is how horrible fashion trends have been since the 2nd Millennium.I'm so tired of UGGZ, I'm tired of Tunics over stretch pants, I'm tired of the 80'S please leave that in the past! I'm tired of tackiness! Not everything has to be glitter and studs. What about clean cuts, quality fabric in styles that can never be outdated??
Growing up I always wanted to be a fashion designer. I grew up playing in my grandparents sewing room (they were both tailors) I would make pocketbooks from scraps and that soon grew into fondness for fashion illustration and creating my own designs. I studied for a couple years of summer courses at Parson's School of Design, learned how to make patterns, and sew, and alter, and illustrate phenomenal outfits. I then got into the business side and obtained an Associates degree in Fashion Marketing and Management. I learned the business side, the mathematics, the fabric trade, and all the boring CRAP involved in fashion. I was a designer, not a business woman. lol! The only thing I had fun doing there, was designing a couple window installments showing off my pieces I designed. 
When I graduated it was tough to get a job, I could only land a job in retail. And, lets face it- I was treated HORRIBLY in retail. I was even FIRED after I rang up and paid for my own pair of shoes... clearly they didn't want me to keep spending my $7 an hour paycheck at Lord & Taylor shoe department... GOODBYE RETAIL! I did not want to work at the bottom of the totem pole, and I didn't have the funds or time to buy materials and design my own clothes. So, My degree and my passion and my mannequin all currently live in my attic- just waiting for me to indulge someday. I started working on a dress and it sits in pieces until I find the time again.
Now, here is a shout out to the most unique, innovative and original fashion designers in the world.They are icons, they are genius, they are artists, and they tell a story. There is nothing better in this world then putting on an outfit and feeling like a MILLION DOLLARS.
To this day I am known to shred up and style my own outfits. Unfortunately I can not explore my creative side of fashion working at my 9-5 office job.  And most of the weekdays are spent on running around and doing errands. BUT, when it is time to go out and utilize my skills, I GO ALL OUT.

Alexander McQueen: March 17th, 1969 – February 11th,  2010. The fashion world misses you.
His clothes are simply what dreams are made of. He is THE  Salvatore Dali  of fashion. I will forever mourn for him! OK you are looking at this and saying, he makes unwearable clothes, or he makes Lady GAGA at the Grammy's clothes. As you can see this is TRUE RUNWAY FASHION. He specialized in creating JAW DROPPING fashion shows. But,  he did indeed make wearable clothes for the every day woman.
I just love the color themes and blends and silhouettes he combined. He was truly a fashion genius!  I only wish I could afford to own one of his pieces. There is no duplicate of McQueen, he is truly the one and only fashion God!
It is surprising to me, how most of the worlds best fashion designers are usually men! Then again, who would know what the best look for a woman is, other then a man! lol (don't repeat this anywhere)

John Charles Galliano- He is nothing short of amazing. He is eccentric, original, creative and breaks all the rules of fashion. He has crisp and clean lines and yet manipulates the fabric to create new silhouette.  He definitely takes a theatrical idea and add a splash of drama and he manages to make it WORK beautifully!

Jean Paul Gaultier- without Gaultier the world would be a bland place. He creates mystery, surrealism, and frequently combines a new age modern look with older Edwardian looks. His looks are just striking and cutting edge!

Valentino Garavani- Valentino creates designs for the simple beautiful and RICH woman. His designs are extremely sophisticated and ultra feminine. He picks top of the line quality of fabric, and I have noticed it is  mostly in solid colors. It is rare I have seen a print from him, and when you do it is never tacky, always very fresh and original. However, the style and cut of his designs are always romantic, classic and sexy. He is the epitome of Femme Fashion 

Roberto Cavalli - Every fashion girl wants to own a Cavalli Dress (if they don't already) His designs are always trendy, and all the "It Girls" rock a Cavalli dress. They are easy to spot, from a mile away, as they are always LOUD bright and colorful prints. His designs hit you-*BAM* in your face :) I would call these jaw-dropping. I am an animal print aficionado, which he happens to always incorporate into his prints.

Anna Sui - Finally! A woman lands in my fashion hall of fame! :) Sui's designs have always been cutting edge yet adorable. She goes for a fun and flirty take on the wild side.

Christian Siriano- Who ever thought a Project Runway contender would make it onto my list? I can not deny his talent! He is quirky, and he adds a rich spice to sophisticated classic styles. He can design my whole wardrobe for work :)

Christian Dior- When I think of Dior I think of the glitz and glam of the roaring 20's flapper girls. I also think of the taboo photographs of Betty Page. He was the master of creating new shapes and silhouettes. Very classy yet Dior breaks into some very provocative areas that could even make me blush :) 

 No wonder, here is a Betty Page hairstyle. lol :)

 Obviously I need to win the lottery so I can dress in the most fabulous styles and attend the most amazing shows, and buy the best fabric in the world and spend all my days working away on a mannequin and all my nights sewing away on my sewing machine. ooh It is nice to dream! :)



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