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1: The Crow - This is by far my favorite movie of all times. I am a big fan of the comic series as well. Brandon Lee is one of my favorite actors of all time; I wish he was still here with us today. The sequel to this movie was great as well, but it lacked that essence only Brandon could bring. May he Rest in Peace.

2. The Lost Boys- This should not be in 2nd place, it was my first favorite movie EVER. I wanted to join the Vampire Gang and rule the streets at night. I wanted the bad guys to win. I still cry when Kiefer Sutherland dies. I still listen to the soundtrack. I still wish I was Star riding on the back of David’s motorcycle.

3. Queen of the Damned- Hands down this is the greatest interpretation of the infamous Anne Rice novel. Aaliyah was the best actress to choose for Akasha, The queen of the Vampires. I adore the erotic yet evil beauty instilled in every intricate scene of this film. Honestly, I could watch this movie a thousand times and I will never get sick of it.

4. I am Legend- This is a must see film that everyone will love. Will Smith did a fabulous job acting as though he was the last human on earth after the world was engulfed by evil creatures. A fabulous story of survival and human instincts.

5. The Cell- The imagery in this film is what won my heart over. As the audience, we are taking a step inside the mind of a serial killer and it is very surreal yet realistic all together. It is like Salvador Dali's mind except he is way more warped and sadistic.

6. Seven- This was such an awesome film that portrays a serial killer who selects certain victims that are- according to the bible- sinners, and leaving them displayed in a crime scene that interprets one of the 7 deadly sins. Another disturbing yet magnetically fascinating thriller.

7. Resident Evil – Milla Jovovich kicks serious ASS in this film. This is one of the ultimate movies for cult following of traditional zombie films; in which she has been designed as a secret weapon against the deadly zombie virus. This was also an awesome video game I was addicted to for some time.

8. Desperation – This was a fabulous interpretation of the Stephen King Novel. It places you in a desolate area with the feel of impeding danger.Creepy abandoned town with a possessed by an ancient evil demonic spirit posing as a cop- captures people and turns them into evil predators.

9. Silent Hill – O-M-G- This is, by far, one of those classic Horror survival films that will forever be imprinted on your heart and soul- well of course only if you are a true horror fan. The video game was simply amazing but quite different from the movie. The movie takes a different but fabulous approach in which an adopted child gets lost in an extremely HAUNTED, abandoned, desolate and historic town and the mother wanders thru the crazy town searching for her daughter. Insert a psychotic cult and demon spirits adding a superior thrill to this tale.

10. 13 Ghosts- This is a true cinematic pleasure. This is not your typical corny ghost tale. It takes place in an amazing mansion that is formed of glass and is an amazing collaboration of science and architecture. Together the 13 ghosts form the Black Zodiac and are nothing short of unique, horrifying and creatively formed. Very enthralling.

11. Strangeland – This is a step inside a predator’s torture chamber. Written by the predator himself Dee Snider. More of a psychological thriller, which leaves a bad taste in your mouth, just how I like it!

12. Insidious – I was surprised by how amazing this film was! I relate to it totally because of my history of astral projections and nightmares (more on that later). This is an unforgettable horror film in which the characters get stuck inside the alternate reality of dreamworld and cannot escape. It is horrifying to me as that is one of my worst fears, never being able to escape my nightmare.

13. Let Me In – This was such an original one of a kind movie. A romantic yet graphic and gory horror, I don’t think that has been done too many times. You empathize with the predator, who is a preteen vampire. It is quirky, emotional, and astounding. Most people will overlook this movie in fear it targets a teen audience when in fact it is geared toward adults.

14. 30 days of night – If you love evil vampires instead of sparkly sweet ones, this movie is for you. Taking place in north Alaska where the sun doesn’t rise for 30 days, and many many innocent pedestrians are slaughtered by a hardcore badass squadron of coldblooded Vamps. I wanted the bad guys to win in this film.

15. 1408 – I cant describe how amazing this film is. A writer gets trapped inside a hotel room which is kind of like a portal to hell. No one can get to him as the room appears empty to an outsider, but inside the writer is being completely traumatized by evil entities. I loved this concept!

16. Shutter Island – This movie stands out from the rest of all the other psychological horrors. It is a true mind trip. You do not know what is real and what is completely insane.I love stepping inside a psychotic’s mind.

17. Texas ChainSaw Massacre – This is the OG of all horror films. Psychotic killers, creepy characters, blood guts and gory, and the sound of the chainsaw is your backdrop. Every version and sequel of this film has been great in my book.

18. ZombieLand – Ok one spoof allowed. This is the only hilarious horror film that will ever be on my top list. Everything else is hilarious because of bad acting and straight cheesy plots. Woody Harrelson is the shiznit- period! Now where is that Twinky? LOL

19. Haunting in Connecticut – This was an emotionally dramatic horror film. The son of the family suffers a possession when the family moves into an old historic home. The ghosts of this film are truly malicious and the home backdrop is truly decrepit therefore landing this film on my top 20 list!

20. The Devils Rejects – First of all I am a big Rob Zombie Fan. Anything he does I am automatically drawn to. His music is amazing and his movies are highly disturbing. So, my opinion is biased. Basically, psychotic killers are on the run in this plot. The film itself is highly gory and disturbing, and also, I just loved that Sheri Moon Zombie is one the main characters!

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