Monday, May 21, 2012

Trying too hard to fit in

I often think about why we as woman feel the need to fit in so bad. Woman have really taken the plunge over the edge when it comes to over doing it with makeup and their beauty standards. We are trying too hard to fit in. Woman are acting like sheep instead of embracing their uniqueness. Woman have tremendous pressure to be skinny, perfect, and wear the latest style and makeup.

I think we need to embrace ourselves instead of tearing ourselves apart. We are trying way too hard to fit in. We are starving ourselves, plucking ourselves to death, damaging our hair, suffering from body dysmorphic disorder. Some of us are addicted to plastic surgery and have unrealistic expectations of ourselves.

As a whole, the society today has made us all feel ugly. We compare ourselves to celebrities that have full time personal trainers, makeup artists, stylists, they take professional pictures and have them airbrushed and now our youth is looking to them as a depiction of beauty.
Lately it has really gotten out of hand. Girls are dying from anorexia, and injections and surgeries. No one wants to be real anymore, everyone wants to be a part of Hollywood.  Underage girls are getting boob jobs and I just find that completely DISGUSTING.

Girls with lighter complexions and darker are bleaching and tanning to the extreme and now we have a new term called Tanorexia.

I know that this statement will start a riot but its from my heart with good intentions. Black woman are bleaching their skin and getting injections to fit in the latest trends as well, I find this especially sad, all this time the black woman has fought for her rights as a strong black woman and now wants to bleach her skin to fit in with the white woman standards? HELL NO!!

My daughter will embrace herself as a black italian greek woman and Ill be damned if she tortures herself and bleaches or tans her skin and  straightens her hair and tears herself apart to fit in with American beauty standards.

I am speaking from experience, I  have been a victim of this myself. Years I have tried to fit in with others in the latest fashion and image standard and felt so insecure and outside of myself. I have gotten quotes on plastic surgery for the dark circles under my eyes and the laugh lines next to my nose and the tummy tuck procedure. I have dark curly hair that I have bleached and tortured with heat.  I have spray tanned and baked in the tanning beds to the point where I have burnt my skin. I have extreme dieted and have survived for months on end only eating broccoli and veggie burgers.  I have tortured myself for years trying to fit in.
As a woman I am now taking a stand against this torture.
FUCK This. I am who I am. I will not conform to societies standards!

I have curves and muscles. I have dark curly hair. I have dark circles under my eyes. I have laugh lines and surprise lines. Im wearing a shirt I got off the clearance rack at express and I dont shop at high end stores because at the end of the day, my soul and spirit is more important then my image.
I have been skinny and blonde and I was miserable.
 The media is making us miserable.



Remember when our fashion icon's looked like this?

Now this is what America calls a Fashion Icon???


Rebel against the grain with me!! Take a stand against these unhealthy and unrealistic beauty standards. Love yourself and embrace your unique traits!!


  1. Very profound. I have learned that women and men while thier walk in life be different share the same societal and peer pressures maybe not as equal but similar in magnitude.

    I think there is a prevailing root cause to this need to be accepted. On bothe sides Men & Women. Usually either parent Mom or Dad has a broken relationship with son or daughter and this broken relationship affects future relationships with other men and women. So its a downword spiral. Our first relationships undoubtedly frame our futer ones. So if mom or dad did not accept us we constantly desperatley find ways to get that acceptance through other relationships
    I speak for myself obviously but its not an uncommon scenario theae days for this to play out. Broken marriages and one parent households. Cuase strain on relationships. Often times its easier to take control of physical appearance to manipulate the "simulation" of acceptance. Which works only temporary amd never builds lasting relationships. Like a glass of cold water on a hot day that alwaya seems to drain out the bottom of the cup before we quench our thirst.

    Wow this is a long rant. Its refreshing to encounter ap mich forethought and substance in a Blog post. Often people chat about quick schemes and celebrity gossip.

    With your blessing id like to share this post.

  2. Glad you enjoyed this post! Of course you may share it!! :)

  3. This is suh a true post. You know, I'm pale as snow and I used to spend all of this money on self tanners. But I learned that, maybe pale is just who I am and I rock it.
    I have black friend who wish they were lighter skinned. Are they crazy?! They have what every white girl in America wants. Nice dark skin.
    As for all of the little girls wearing make up, and that toddlers and tiaras crap, I want to smack all of their mothers.
    what is wrong with those women.