Wednesday, March 28, 2012

For you, Little one.

I wanted to feel the love I lost years ago
And once again meet my inner childhood
& Wear the white tights with small red hearts
Feel the innocence and excitement
Completely oblivious to the outside world
At the end of my childhood path, I was met with two options, life or death…
I grew up fast, quickly learned the up and downs of life,
I felt the loss life brings for decades
And then felt the painful burn of karma
I watched people I love struggle and drown
Counting my days as lucky but numbered, I had to keep on going
No idea what I was striving for, and no direction to go but up
My dreams and aspirations just out of my reach
One disappointment after another, I smiled despite it
Kept aiming high, but I was shooting low
I had one person in my corner- my mother
She fought long and hard to protect me
But it was her time to go and up she went
Back to heaven where the angels meet again
But before she left, I felt her leave me with something inside
A bit of insight and a seed that was alive
You were given to me after I had given up
I had accepted life, as this is life and then you die
Anything between is just the up and down rollercoaster
Happiness is not a STATE of mind,
Happiness is only fleeting moments just out of your grasp