Friday, March 30, 2012

For Art's Sake

I am a true art lover. I love all things artistic. I love the time, effort and emotion that goes behind illustrations, paintings, sculptures, etc. It feels like their soul poured onto a canvas and a step inside their thoughts. I adore falling in love with art pieces. I hope to add many more to my collection in my lifetime!
Indeed, I have dappled into painting and illustrations, but I found I am more into photo manipulations aka PHOTOSHOP and computer graphics, and of course crafting. I will share some of my work with you in another post.

So, I want to share a few of my favorite thought provoking pieces.


I was walking in NYC on my way to a Cormega concert when I saw this piece and it stopped me dead in my tracks. The artist was a young man by the name of David. Unfortunate for me I lost his contact information, otherwise I would have more pieces by him. He used all sorts of media for this, spray paint, pen, colored pencil. This is my favorite art piece, by far. It hits home. It was symbolic to me, and it meant- Life is a game of chess, and god is always watching over us.

Victory's Child By Russ Horseman

I am lucky to have been a part of this art piece. This is me and my daughter featured in
in a photo manipulation by Russ Horseman, called Victory's Child. He is truly an amazing
artist. Check him out here. I am fascinated by all things mermaid, I truly wish that I could live inside this painting.

Amy Winehouse By Arthur Morris.

One of my best friends, Arthur, (who actually created the background and logo to this blog) is such an amazing artist. The funny thing about artists is, they are their own harshest critic. He calls this beautiful illustration unfinished. The coincidence is, the illustration is beautiful but unfinished just like Amy Winehouse's musical talent.
You may contact him if you would like to work with him on any art/logo/photo rendition work!

Now -I have to share a funny moment. I remember my first day at Parson's school of design, I had an illustration class, and there was a live model we had to draw. An 85 year old nude man was our focus- -pause- needless to say I was unable to focus and finish my illustration. I have also noticed, sometimes, some of the best work is unfinished...

Medusa - Camille Kuo

I have been drawn deeply into this painting. Medusa feels like an alter ego to me. The perfect blend of beauty and beast. I have studied her myth for a long time and it has always fascinated me. I am drawn to many of this artists paintings. check them out here, AMAZING!

as you can see by my poem and costume below here.. I was inspired LOL


Head of Roses by Salvador Dali

Salvador Dali is by far, My #1, favorite artist ever! He is truly amazing! He pushes you headfirst into this alternate surreal reality which grotesque yet beautiful comes together.
Many of you will be familiar with his melted clocks, which to me is symbolic of time melting away as you get older.

The Massacre of the Innocents, by Pacecco de Rosa

There is something about this photo that I find intriguing. Chaos, Anguish, death, mass confusion, deep sadness, violence, the sense of innocence being ripped away. I'm not sure why I am even drawn to this, I cant put my finger on it. I saw this in person at the Philadelphia Art Museum, and it took up a while entire wall, it was huge. It provokes a deep sense of grief and anguish inside of me. I think I shed a tear as well. I think that is why I liked it so much, because it made me actually FEEL emotional. Which in a sense made it real.

There are many renditions of this scene. Including this one I also really like by
Peter Paul Rubens

Queen of Night- Josephine Hall

My dad gave me a card for my birthday with this painting on the front. I instantly fell in love with it. I love this artist's work! But this painting hits home for me, she is a masked lady looking out in the crazy world surrounded in beautiful nature. ALL of her work is gorgeous and detailed, check it out here

Unknown amateur artist @ artallnight

This was at the ART ALL NIGHT event in 2011
I should have bought this piece or at least wrote the name down and contacted artist for more work. Sorry for crappy cell phone pic! But it stirred something inside me, bizarre, taboo, sexy yet grotesque. I loved it!

Motherhood, Selina Fenech

This drawing I loved so much I got it tattooed on my ankle. It symbolizes the beauty of love in motherhood, which is my complete world at the moment. She has beautiful fantasy art, I think her work is simply gorgeous and amazing. Check out her other work here!

UNKNOWN- antique 40's era

This is the painting I wake-up to and look at every morning. I found it in my mothers storage and she had written my name on the back of it, because she wanted me to have it. I find it so comforting and therapeutic and feel honored it is part of my collection. It is one of my most prized possessions. Sorry for the flash!

Follow The Leader

I ran into this artist on the streets of NYC, literally when he almost ran me over with his skateboard, dodged and then he had to dodge a car. I noticed his hands were full of paint, sign of an artist!! <3 he gave me a business card and I looked him up and I was amazed! all of his work is thought provoking, original, fun, bright, sometimes controversial, distinct and addicting. I hope to someday own a piece for my walls or hell, come paint all of my walls lol! Was so hard to pick just one of his pieces! Check him out here!

Theather- Aleksandar Milenkovic

I discovered this artist in NYC as well. There is a lot of talent you can find just by taking a walk on the streets of Manhattan. I purchased this piece as it called out to me. The audience appears to be really enthused and the actor on the screen appears to be so life like and yet melancholy. You almost don't know if he is watching you.
Check out his other work here!

A good painting to me has always been like a friend. It keeps me company, comforts and inspires. --Hedy Lamarr


  1. Reading this makes me want to go look around New York for street artists! I like most of your picks. I'm surprised we have such similar art taste. My favorite Reubens is "Prometheus Bound"

  2. That is such a great piece too! It was hard to select only a few, but these are the ones that have really moved me! :)