Thursday, July 12, 2012


Im having another sequence of strange coincidences. Science can not debunk synchronicity. I have nothing but synchronicity thru out my entire life.

In May, I was at my best friends house for her birthday party. We were outside chatting with her mom. I said, “Damn, I really miss riding on the back of my boyfriends motorcycle.” As soon as those words left my mouth, literally a split second later - you hear motorcycle engines, VROOM VROOM and  about 100 motorcycles sped past the house. It was a Harley Parade.

It was a strange look my friend and her mom gave me, they now call me Bruja. A couple weeks later my sister was in a motorcycle accident. :( Thank god she is ok!!
2 weeks ago me and that same best friend went out. On the way I was talking about how much I missed my girlfriend who I had a falling out with, and my other best guy friend who has gotten himself locked up since february. I haven’t seen or spoken to girlfriend in over a year. As we are walking in the club she walks right  out. I put peace between us that night, our friendship is too strong to dissolve over petty stuff. Well I get inside the building and my best guy friend's brother is standing right there. Was SO nice to chat with him, hadn’t seen him in a couple years. I went to visit my friend in prison, and so glad I went, it lifted both of our spirits up. 

These are just RANDOM coincidences, Im used to those, But its hasn't gotten too weird yet. 
 We finally get to the bar and some guy is staring at me. 
  • Turns out he is a psychic. 
  • Turns out my best friend also had a reading by him over 10 years ago.
  • He mentioned I was surrounded and protected by a lot of spirits. (I am, and I feel them. Good ones, and Bad ones.)
  •  He said I have psychic abilities if I ever wanted to explore them I would be better then him. (I bet!)
  • He also knew spoke on some personal things no one can know about me and my friend. (too personal to share here!)

But the really weird part is, he knew I had Native American in me.  I said no, I am Greek and Italian. He said, No, you have Native American in you. Then I was blown away as I remembered, oh yeh, actually, I do. On my father's side. 

Since then a bunch of weird things have been happening

 Monday I had a very lucid dream about a Black Cobra. It attacked me and bit me on my wedding day. I laid in the hospital, paralyzed and dying in my wedding dress. It was one of those strong feelings that knock me to my feet kind of dreams. It was a symbolic dream, I know this.

On Tuesday, I called my best friend, it went straight to her voicemail. I don't remember what I wanted to call her about- just to chat I guess, it was an autopilot call. 30 mins later she calls me back, she is outside my door. She never got my missed call, (I even checked her phone) and we had no plans to hang out and hadn’t spoken in 2 weeks. She never just randomly stops over.Especially during the week. There was traffic on the highway and she decided to pull off and head to my house!
 She said it was weird, I thought it was completely normal. We are best friends after all. 

 Me and my best friend then walked into the Old Cemetery. Had a look around. Very dull somber feeling. Like no one comes here to visit their loved ones. It is locked Well we found a Tombstone that had the name Valentine Maus. Apparently this person was 136 years old! Is it a misprint? A vampire? or a world record?

Anyhow I spoke to whatever spirits may be listening in the cemetery, 
"I respect your place, you respect mine!"

Today aa friend that I work with, tells me 3 days ago she had dreams she had birds in her house. I told her 3 days ago, there was a sparrow in my house , I had to catch it and set it free. It’s actually the second time a bird came in my house in the past 2 weeks. 
This bird allowed me to catch it, and it was actually quite adorable and friendly, but at first I was scared of it, LOL.

Random chances, yes, coincidences, yes, but there is just too many of them that keep happening that it is starting to freak me out! Not normal, because when I discuss this with the majority of other people, they just try to debunk it- and also- They never experienced it!!!

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