Thursday, September 8, 2016

Slaves of New York Book Review



Slaves of New York
by Tama Janowitz
Must have more. Need more now. Send help soon. I am not sure I will survive without more from this author immediately. I need it and I cannot go on without...more!!.

Please, tell me that her other works are congruent with this one. Because this is BRILLIANCE! Pure sheer brilliance. I laughed hysterically, but it was more like scream laughing, it was seriously that funny. And it felt good to laugh that deep into my soul. I suggest you go purchase the movie as well, they are both amazing, and different yet similar.

I relate to Eleanor so hard, we share the same awkward clumsy eccentric social anxiety ridden traits. Please tell me there is more, you can not just simply take this away from me, I want to read it for the rest of my life. Eleanor is my NEW spirit animal. 

I savored the last 40 pages as long as I could, begrudgingly seeing the end approaching....NO!
 I forced myself to set the book down every chapter, snapping the book shut.
Can't I still carry it around with me, pretending I am still reading it? *wails*
This moved swiftly upward my list into my top 5 favorites of all times. If you are looking for one clear concise story, move right along nothing to see here. This is more then an ordinary front to back story, this is an accumulation of eccentric artistic souls from the 80s  wave in NYC.

I hate to compare, absolutely LOATH to compare, especially when I am doing a female vs. male author,
If you love Brett Easton Ellis as much as I do, you will love her. I am not quite sure what makes them so strikingly similar, their knack for hilarious story telling when it is only a "day in the life of" type of book that focuses on location and character studies. Or, their HILARIOUS dry wit, filled to the brim with delicious sarcasm and satire. Maybe it is their ability to dive straight into the trash and nitty gritty without appearing to lose their prestige.

They both need to produce more novels, similar to these fanatical stories. I mean otherwise I will wither up and die... we don't want that riiight!?
Ok Bye, go read it, right now.

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