Friday, March 21, 2014

Spring Lover : 50 Fun Spring Activities

50 Fun Spring Activities

I have been bitten by the spring bug. The weather is warming up and everything’s turning green.  There’s no excuse not to celebrate that it’s spring — you made it through another dark winter. 
I didnt think I would make it at some points of the winter, I kept feeling my mood dragging me down. It was a BRUTAL winter, I mentally suffered and watched some of my dearest suffer as well. 
Here is a list of 50 things to do this season to brighten your mood! 

1.      Plant something green

2.      Have a picnic at a park

3.      Jog outside

4.      Take a hike

5.      Ride a bike

6.      Play soccer

7.      Visit a farm/zoo to see the animals

8.      Play a round of golf

9.      Walk on a deserted beach

10.  Go horseback riding

11.  Take a walk in a spring shower with an umbrella

12.  Fly a kite

13.  Jump in puddles

14.  Climb a tree

15.  Feed the ducks at a pond

16.  Wade in a creek

17.  Read a book outside

18.  Draw pictures on the sidewalk with chalk

19.  Skip stones across a pond

20.  Grill food outside

21.  Walk barefoot in the grass

22.  Make fun spring themed crafts (paper plate flowers)

23.  Fill a vase with flowers

24.  Break out your spring clothes. …Or just go ahead and buy a whole new spring wardrobe

25.  Pack away your winter wardrobe

26.  Clean, redecorate and organize your home

27.  Get a bunch of houseplants to spruce up your home 

28.  Get binoculars and go bird-watching

29.  Get a makeover

30.  make flower garlands to wear on the head

31.  Find the scientific name of plants or bugs you find and then research it

32.  Look for animal tracks in mud and try to identify them

33.  List all the trees in your neighborhood

34.  List all the birds in your neighborhood

35.  Go to a theme park

36.  Make a bird feeder

37.  Go rollerskating

38.  Go fishing

39.  Go to the hot air balloon festival

40.  Go camping

41.  Go to a winery

42.  Go to the cherry blossom festival

43.  Go to the farmers market

44.  Play a game of Frisbee

45.  Sit outside at a café

46.  Look for four-leaf clovers

47.  Make ice cream sundaes

48.  Paint eggs

49.  Take your dog to the dogpark

50.  Paint lots of pretty things!!!

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