Wednesday, March 12, 2014

10 Pet Peeves in personality traits.

I accepted the blog challenge. I am going to try and post a blog at least once a week. I have a ton on my mind and writing has always been very therapeutic for me.
So the first subject I chose to be controversial and set it off with:

10 Pet Peeves in personality traits

1. Loud mouths; The type that shouts obscenities in public in just a regular conversation; even when around children. Certain gross words that people should just never say; especially in public: Twat. It totally skeeves me out.Gossipers can go along with loud mouths.

2. Ridiculously LAZY people.  The type that drive to a store that is 2 blocks away, or leave important things to the very last minute, or who always try to take the easy route out instead of actually working for things.  I  usually have to clean up behind people like this. Get it together and get it done!

3. WASTEFUL people. They really chap my hide. Like ordering a huge meal and then only eating 3 bites and throwing the rest away. Throwing away food in particular is absolutely disgusting to me.  So is refusing to buy something used because you believe new = superior. Many things can be reused and recycled.  You are wasting resources and I am trying to raise a child into the world here, quit being so selfish your bringing on the economic downfall!

4. Superficial righteous people, who try too hard fit into the jones'es. Yeah I said it! Your hair and nails looks great but your electricity probably got cut off and they are repossessing your car, that's REALLY not a good look! The type that judge people by their looks usually have a  personality is superficial and shitty and they look down on people who DON'T live up to their image standards.

5. Closeminded racist/biggoted/judgemental people. The type who always stereotype others and judge them on their appearance or what their education is or where they live. Yeah you, Im talking to you! I just want to tell you, we don't care if you don't like us, because NOBODY LIKES YOU. Its your loss sitting on top your high horse looking down on people and judging them, you are missing out on a world of laughter of mingling with different cultures and we aren't sorry that we found happiness in being different.  You can have a thousand masters degrees and still be a stupid judgmental asshole.

6. LIARS. Especially the type that lie to your face when they know YOU know the truth. You aren't fooling anyone hunny, you just look absolutely insane and will never form a true relationship with another human being. Keep it real!

7. NOSY people who actually don't give a shit about you, they just want something to gossip because your life is far more interesting then theirs. 3 WORDS FOR YA, MIND YOUR BUSINESS! or how about these 3 words FIND A HOBBY.

8. Constant attention/sympathy seekers. They can not stand for anyone to have a moment of shine.  I can sometimes be tolerant of this in low levels if its not constant and I find that this is a common personality disorder called a histrionic. . But the CONSTANT attention seeker is usually a narcissistic type that is completely self absorbed and unable to see outside of their own world. I usually can not relate to a person that does this on a nonstop basis.

9. People that constantly brag about money and need flashy things. Its just bad form, I mean once in a blue its awesome to gloat if you have worked hard for something, PLEASE BRAG ALL YOU LIKE!
 but the constant braggers are just revolting. Real rich folks with OLD money don't brag or act flashy, they also contribute to charities and spread the wealth and don't gloat to people while making them feel in-superior to people that are in a higher tax bracket. Grow up!

10. People who just love to argue for the sake of arguing, and needing to have the last word. You even have to question if they are actually passionate about the subject they are arguing for, like why are you so mad though???????? That shit doesn't affect your life either way!

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