Thursday, October 3, 2013


October is finally here! 
It is the most...
 Wonderful time....
 Of the year!!!

Finally; I can relish in all things weird and creepy and not scare everyone away! :)

As I brush away the cobwebs from the corners of my brain - I begin to explore all things that live inside my dark and mysterious mind.

I enjoy Fall time and everything about it especially the creepiness, and the mysterious that lies beneath the few months we have in this season....
 It looks like everything is coming alive, when in fact everything is dying but yet you see the beauty in its death. Isn't that what life is about?? Appreciating ALL aspects of the Universe?!

We have the colors...

The scents...



The realm of the Libra/Scorpio

and of course, last but not least 
everything HALLOWEEN!!

Can it be October for the rest of my life please? 
Halloween should be every single day right? 

(Many pictures of me on Halloween will be posted here shortly)

 I am currently in all my glory as I enjoy all things horror and Halloween! Every October I work on creating the ultimate Halloween Costume. This year might be my favorite creation, just you wait and see!  I have been struggling all summer to think of something perfect and then September came and BAM! IT FINALLY HIT ME! I don't just dress up for Halloween, I get into character. I am currently swarming in ideas and torn in different directions on how I want to spend this years Halloween. Of course I plan to take my babe trick or treating, and also attend my BFF’s Halloween party and then there should be a night at the club with drunken debauchery.

 I sure wish I would have the courage when I was younger to get into theater because I love everything theatrical and dramatic. Although I suffer from major stage fright and when in front of crowds I seem to panic and forget my lines and start to babble strange shit! I never did get over anxiety in front of crowds.  If I did, I might be a model, or a Rockstar, or an actress on Broadway; or a feature performer in a CIRCUS! Instead.... well, here I am....LOST in my corporate cube!

I wonder if anyone noticed I have not posted in a while. Or do I speak with myself everytime I post here?
 I seem to have recently lost some steam in my writing. In the depths of my brain I often create stories and often think of them, but I don't seem to have enough time to bring them to paper.
One thing about me and paper is that there is never a blank sheet left around me. I seem to fill it up with stories or poetry or lists or whatever strange thoughts cross my mind. I think if you know me in real life you have just begun to understand how I am obsessive over things. I don't just have hobbies, I have obsessions, collections, and madness.

Might I add, I just celebrated my 30th Birthday! :) Yes children of the world, Victory is 30 YEARS OLD! I was scared on how I would feel about that milestone. But guess what? I have grown into a personality that I quite enjoy. Actually, I seem to entertain myself and become quite OK with who I have become. My 20s were wild and crazy, but now I am a bit calmer. To celebrate my milestone, I threw a dinner party and followed it up by a club that had a mechanical bull. That was quite the experience.

 I had such a blast, actually recently went out and bought cowboy boots to relish in my inner cowgirl!

And then I quit smoking. That was a MAJOR thing for me. I have been smoking for 20 YEARS. smoking was just part of who I am. But I tackled that head on and QUIT for good! using toothpicks, gum, and a e-cigarette that has cupcake flavored smoke. I rather enjoy cupcake smoke, it makes me happy! :)

I recently saw The Great Gatsby on Netflix and I truly truly enjoyed it. I thought it was amazingly cinematic and I adored the imagery. I just wish I could time travel back into the 20’s and party in his GrandeMansion. I adored the love story and sure wish it came with a happy ending!

 I love all things 20s. The depression, the illegal boozing, the cars, the partying, the architecture; the makeup and of course THE FASHION!!!! 

So... I am currently drowning in literature. Ever since I got a library card I have been speed reading thru numerous novels. I have a list of approximately 300-400 novels I want to read. And the number just steadily climbs every week. I PLAN TO READ EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM! I subscribed to the New York Times so I get the book review section and that is where I continue to find new stories I want to enjoy. Don't forget all the recommendations you get on Every so often I have to step outside of horror. I like to read classics as well.
Right now I am reading Joe Hill’s latest novel NOS4A2. I am loving it so far, despite not falling in love with his characters. It is an amazing story that really brings you into a dark place. Perhaps we should all venture into Christmas land and breathe in gingerbread poison!

 Mid-month I am taking a trip to Brooklyn to a memorial for a rock legend Peter Steele;  10/20/13 at 12pm in  Prospect Park in Brooklyn. Fans and Friends will be meeting at Peters Tree for warm cider in memory of our Dark Angel; Peter. He is by far my favorite rock star of all time. I miss him dearly. He created timeless music. His talent and beauty is one of a kind. He was beautiful inside and out. His lyrics speak true to my soul and the melody beats to the rhythm that lives in my heart. His music will live on forever.
Visit his family’s blog for him at:

To add to some more of my strange obsessions, I have been researching and admiring a new creature…. the Tarantula. I think they are remarkable. Some species are just truly gorgeous!

I have had arachnophobia my entire life, but as I am now in my third decade on this earth, I am looking to conquer all my fears. The tarantula has been a favored pet amongst hobbies for centuries for a reason! They are interesting and intelligent and absolutely beautiful!

 I am looking at the Chilean Rose for my first Pet spider. 

Don’t forget I also still want to add a Tokay gecko to my animal collection.

Forgot to add some other milestones I might talk about next post...
My beautiful creative agile 3 year old daughter started school- and then turns 4 in November; 
Had some crazy fishing expenditures this past summer; 
Went on an amazing camping trip; 

I am really  looking forward to:
 a Vacation to Florida;  
a Vacation to Colorado; 
And I am sure there will be many many more explorations; obsessions and madness  soon to come. :)
That is all for now ! Isn't that enough craziness?

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