Friday, June 28, 2013

The day I discovered love

It was 2006. I had fresh wounds on my heart and had developed a deep distrust in people. I felt people were cruel- so I kept to myself, and kept everyone at a distance. I felt very alone, and very secluded. I was dreaming about someday meeting the match that would make my heart feel complete and I would open up to him like a delicate flower. But it was grind time- I was on my own struggling to survive. Cupboards empty, refrigerator empty, and a freezer full of bread. It was the lowest of my lows. My mom was in a nursing home and our old house was up for sale. I felt it was me against the world. I had 3 jobs working 7 days a week and still had a negative balance in my bank account. But hey, I had my own apartment, a car, a job so I had some things to be grateful for. I would come home late at night from work, exhausted, tired, and seclude myself into a world of loneliness. I thought my heart would never feel happy again. I was missing something important, I was missing LOVE. When I socialized with friends or coworkers I felt such a disconnect. I went out with a bunch of girls one night and they all decided it was time to leave, WELL- I’m glad I’ve never been a follower, because right after they left it was when I first laid my eyes on him. it was raining outside and I was standing under an umbrella. But from that point on, it was like tunnel vision. I thought he was the most handsome man I had ever seen. Of course, being the girl that I am, I gave him an attitude. He gave it right back to me. Then we both smiled, and I saw the most beautiful smile I ever saw in my life.

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