Monday, January 7, 2013


I am not an Angel, or perfect citizen.
 I don't claim to be. Actually, goody two shoes and perfect citizens are a bit boring, I like to rebel/sin just a little, and living unconventionally is just my preference. It makes me Happy.

However; One of my best characteristics that I really like about myself is my HONESTY. If I have lied to get myself out of trouble; I have always suffered the horrible repercussions of Karma.  I have never understood the benefit people get out of lying. And there are some people who have lied so long that they believe their lies.   Teenagers (Kids) LIE. Period. LOL Sorry to generalize, but more then likely, a teenager has told quite a few tall tales in a lifetime.

But then we grow up and see the cause and effect of lies. The truth shall always set you free. Break out of that CAGE AND TELL IT LIKE IT IS!

I spent a few years in my teenage life creating tall tales; sometimes it was only to impress people, or it was an unintentional heartbreak I created when I was a young tenderoni becoming a woman. I remember feeling that  horrible feeling inside when I would lie. And to try and hide within my lies, and knowing full well that the truth isn't worse then the lie I created! I remember not knowing why I even lied, sometimes they were dumb lies, just to tell a better story.... Eventually I went back and tried to right everything and  it was a HUGE burden off my chest.

Honesty feels so good. Brutally Honest doesn't always feel good.  it sometimes  has a horrible backlash, but the backlash you get from a LIE is 10 times worse.

 If you are ever forced to be brutally honest with someone, I hope you know that your honesty is appreciated instead of trying to make up a lie because eventually you WILL get caught.
If you are lying to protect someones feelings from being hurt, it is understandable. More then Likely it is a white Lie which the person already knows the truth anyhow.

 "Do you like my haircut?"
"No, Its hideous" Person walks away insulted- and feeling down.
"Yeh its cute" *inside your head you wish you pretended you are answering an important phone call so you can walk away laughing* Person walks away with high confidence, later they look in the mirror- realize its hideous and hates it, and goes to fix it at the salon anyhow. YEH your safe, no one will be injured by your white lie.

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