Friday, August 31, 2012

Victory at Sea

Haven't posted all month. Figured its best to check in. My life has always been a rollercoaster full of ups and downs, but luckily I am strapped in tight.
So "Victory Unleashed" is currently available for sale at

This is such an amazing achievement for me. What a long haul and crazy adventure it has been! I am excited to finally release this into the wild and begin on a new adventure in life.  Closed book, opening a new one.

I am currently working on publishing a book of quotes for hip hop artist Cormega. I would say we are 75% finished and plan to get this out by 10/1/12. Doing some finishing touches. Cover Art, inner photography and font/formatting tweaks and we are set to go.

My next project is in my thoughts, and will be revealed to you all shortly. I am excited about this one. This is a fictional paranormal adventure I will embark on, so stay tuned. I have to do some extensive researching on some subjects, and study some of my favorite fictional authors.

I am also currently tossing the idea around of an epic Halloween Party. Or I may give up and just attend someone else's epic costume party. LOL I need to plan my next Halloween Costume, it has to be more crazy and detailed then my last few. So far I mastered: Dirty Pirate, Slutty Nun, Mother Nature, Pregnant Vampire Seductress, Dia De Los Muertos Bride, SteamPunk Vamp, Medusa. I do think I want to redo Medusa, as I didnt REALLLLY get in tuned with my inner Medusa as hard as I could. I do want to be a Mermaid as well, however the extent as to HOW mermaid I want to get- would be partially nude and that wouldnt be acceptable at my place of work. LOL

I am presently ill with some sort of summer office cold, Nose is  a faucet and my head hurts,  can barely focus on any task at hand. My blog is a nice mental break.

I have given up on Ebook readers. I am a real bookworm I decided, and I missed the feel of real books. I went ahead and signed up for the library for the first time since I was a child.
I have blasted thru 4 books in the span of one month.

Among them : Summer Blowout(FUN), Brazil (excellent), Horns(FABULOUS), Poseidon's Steed(BORING!), and presently reading The Cypress House. I am loving this book so far, a real mystery with just a hint of paranormal weirdness. Thats my kind of story. I will give some reviews later. :)

So my pet collection has grown a bit, I have added 2 Hermit Crabs, Patty and Patrick. They are pretty neat, My daughter loves them. She has also grown fond of feeding my two turtles everyday. One turtle has grown TREMENDOUSLY in size. I will post an update picture shortly.

I am attending a Renaissance Fair this Monday. Have never been to one before, its approx 2 hours away, I actually bought the tickets prior to finding out just how far of a hike it is from me. WELL, it better be freakin  fun, I hate driving long distances! I'm going to try to make this a fun road trip anyhow. :) I remember I used to love road trips, then I had a daughter, and she doesn't like road trips too much! LOL

I also have $40 gift certificate to express. Came just in time as I was thinking it is time to start looking into some fall clothes. Thank Goodness, I am truly over the summer and its crazy weather. I used to love summer but as I get older I am really starting to appreciate the Fall! Cool Crisp Air, Autumn scents, HALLOWEEN, Pretty scenary, people seem to be more relaxed, prettier clothing selection, warm cuddly sweaters- etc. Thats my type of season. I am a true Fall baby!

My birthday is in a few weeks, I just cant wait to get my week off of work, and celebrate the whole next year before I turn 30. It has dawned on me, Age 30 means its time to grow up, settle down, no more smoking, less partying. I mean I have settled down a ton, since I became a mother, But I look forward to nights I have a babysitter a little too often. Past that time to get focused on my career path fellas! And I am not talking about being a Bikini Model either! LOL

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