Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Victory's Bucket List

 Everyone keeps asking me why the sudden shift in my attitude and why I finally decided to jumpstart pursuing all my goals... Easy answer. Next year I turn 30, and, I consider that middle age. I must scratch off everything on my "list of things to do before I die".
I found this fabulous website. and keeping track of my goals there. 

My #1 goal was already accomplished! Publish my book. It was my biggest fear and also my biggest accomplishment. However I am now playing the waiting game on my distribution deal. I am going to get a bulk order of my books so I can sign and sell them in person. I also plan to mail them to people/publishers... mainly Oprah! :) However: "It approximately 6-8 weeks for your book to be listed for sale on the retail sites."  That is just entirely too long! I have things to do -people to meet- places to go- lets go people!

I will add to this list as time goes by of course. And Scratch out the ones I have accomplished.

  1. Extensive backpack traveling: The list of places I want to go belongs to a whole other blogpost.
  2. Get paid for  Modeling contracts: So far I have had 4 photo shoots! Appeared in a newspaper twice and will be featured in a calendar as well. I would like some *Paid* Gigs now! :) I need to expand my portfolio.
  3. Create and establish my own fashion line: Victory Royale  I already invented the name and target audience\ for my fashion line. I need to wipe the dust off of my sewing machine and get to work. I have tons of patterns and fabrics and a mannequin and it just sits waiting for me to find the inspiration/time/energy
  4. Go Scuba Diving 
  5. Go Snorkeling! 
  6. Go Skydiving
  7. Fly in a Hot Air Balloon
  8. Go Sailing/ learn how to sail
  9. Swim with Dolphins 
  10. Go on a cruise 
  11. Go ziplining 
  12. Ride a mechanical bull  - done! 2/16/13 :) and again 9/22/13!!
  13. Bungee jumping 
  14. Hike a mountain
  15. Go Camping for a week -done June 2013
  16. Road trip from the east coast to the west coast
  17. Experience Zero Gravity 
  18. Plant a Tree 
  19. Take advanced classes for: Cooking/Baking, Graphic design, sewing, knitting, Pottery, Painting, Illustration etc  
  20. Go Rock Climbing 
  21. Go Kayaking 
  22. Go to a Masquerade Ball 
  23. Write/Publish a Horror novel - working on it
  24. Swim under a Waterfall 
  25. Ride a Jetski 
  26. Create a mosaic
  27. Go to a Steampunk event
  28.  Go to a Renaissance Fair - done summer 2012! :)
  29.  Make my Own wine
  30. Step on grapes in a vineyard
  31.  Own a Victorian style dress
  32. Ride a Jetski 
  33. Rent my own Beach House 
  34. Go to Burning Man
  35. Learn to Knit
  36. Learn to Crochet 
  37. Jump off a cliff into water 
  38. Go Water Skiing 
  39. Attend Cirque du Soleil
  40. Hold a Koala 
  41. Hold a baby Tiger 
  42. Hold a monkey 
  43.  Get my abs back!
  44. Learn to speak Italian & Greek
  45. Go Canoeing - done !
  46. Volunteer for an Animal shelter 
  47. Volunteer for a homeless shelter
  48. Go on a Mission Trip - done! Staten Island - Hurricane Sandy
  49. Make a quilt 
  50. Go to the Cottage that Edgar Allen Poe lived in

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