Friday, June 15, 2012

Smooth Sailing

So- things have been going really great for me lately, a real live Busy Body. I always loved the busy month of June! Its the month of the Gemini. Always sparks some creativity within me. I am scared of smooth sailing days that last  too long, it always feels like there is some impeding danger- But I will not jinx myself! damnit. I am blessed, and will continue to work on my good karma!

 I published my book this week!!! It has been such an adventure with it. I am pretty introverted and shy, So- for me to put my works out there for the world to see is kind of a BIG FUCKING DEAL.

It is only the first edition, and already I see a couple revisions I want to make. This is a bit nerve wrecking as I wanted it to be PERFECT. But, I guess in poetry there shall never be perfection-which really is the beauty of it, isn't it?

 It seems to be selling some units which is exciting! I cant wait to get my proof in the mail. My book is DONE, COMPLETE, THANK THE LORD, It will be here after I am long gone, Thats amazing! :)
 Here it is!

SOOOO- Yesterday I had a photo shoot for the Trentonian Newspaper Page 6 girl. It was so much fun, I had a blast, and the pictures came out so awesome. It is also good promo for my book! Seeing myself in the newspaper is kind of surreal. so YAY I had my 24 hours of fame. however, At this point I would like to crawl under my desk and go into hermit crab mode because I never did like too much attention or spotlight. But it sure does feel nice at first. I always wonder how one of my friends/idols/mentors Cormega can get up in a group of thousands of people and perform his music. I have the worst stage fright ever it seems. I will have to get over it because I really want to go to a spoken word / Poetry jam and spill my guts. I have ventured into modeling a few times, and had 3 photo shoots, but every time I think I am ready to go, I have some horrible pre-photoshoot anxiety. LOL

 Now my life mentor has asked I help him publish a book of quotes. This is another exciting project. :) I was up all night thinking about different sorts of books I could publish. Maybe I ought to take a few classes.

This weekend is the very exciting Art all Night event in Trenton..

My sister is an amazing creative chick who makes all sorts of awesome things out of recycled Junk.
She has enlisted my help in her latest installation for the art all night event in called The Hanging Gardens of Babylon, in which she will make all sorts of beautiful plants out of recycled plastic bottles. I ended up collecting hundreds of bottles, I swear I will never use a plastic bottle again! LOL.
This has been such a great week!

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