Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Victory Unleashed!!

My 2nd edition is FINALLY finalized. I am so excited. I'm currently waiting for the final proof copy. I hope its perfect, or I might just be on suicide watch.  I just want to start mass distributing my works! I want to put this into the hands of all major publishers to see if I am any status to be amongst the best poets of the world and if I can get a good deal. I made the final edition smaller then the original edition.

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I am now going thru the notions every writer experiences. Where nothing seems perfect enough to my taste. Some days I love my book, some days I hate it. I fear the judgement. This is all of my soul poured into 105 pages. This is the story of Victory and all I am, all that I have lived thru.
This is the true burden of a writer. I have spent the last 2 months constantly going over my works, editing, re-editing, rearranging. I wonder if the 2nd edition will be the final edition. Unfortunately I did not

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