Friday, May 25, 2012

Reptiles Rock!!

Ok, Now my obsession is spiraling out of control. I don't know how or why it happened. I want to own every species of reptiles there is. I think my heart is beginning to pump out cold blood now too. I'm spending hours a day on the Reptile forums. Lately I am always looking at pictures of all the different species of lizards.   I'm thinking I just ought to transform my whole entire house into a reptile habitat. One side is jungle the other side is desert. Apparently I am not alone, as the forums I frequent are somewhat of a support group / step program.

I now know people that have 100's of species of Reptiles in their possession and keep collecting more. None are for sale. They are just collecting them, breeding them, creating new species. It is so easy to fall into love with them.

 To my demise, as unfortunately, I have a fear of snakes just a bit, as I have witnessed an owner get attacked by his snake and as I stood helpless the snaked continued to bite and strengthen his grip around his arm! Gah!!!! Plus, I have seen the news, Snakes have escaped and a toddler is eaten alive by one. There was also that time when I was younger, and I sat down in the grass, and when I stood up I realized I sat DIRECTLY ONTO A DEAD SNAKE! AHHH!  So, there shall be no snakes in my house dammit!!! I dont trust them!! Wellllllllllllll, OK, I may make an exception for a beautiful milk snake or a corn snake! LOL. They stay tiny!
(Update: 4/7/15 I now own a Ball python LOL)

So, today I am researching a species called the European Legless Lizard. It is a large lizard found in southern Europe to central Asia.  They can grow to be up to 4 feet! They enjoy eating the usual insects but especially snails and slugs. There is no need to feel threatened by them as we do not taste as yummy to them as insects. In captivity they do not like being handled much, but they will only bite you if they feel threatened.  Guess what, they can live up to 50 YEARS! Damn! I would feel bad for anyone who has to inherit this bad boy if they aren't into reptiles. LOL
Now onto the best part, pictures. My god, they are gorgeous! Look at these colors! Some of them have dichroic colors. Gorgeous! Kind of look like snakes, but they are so distinct in their face.


Over the weekend I visited a local pet store and they had a gorgeous lizard called a Nile Monitor. 
He was so beautiful, I was so tempted to buy him! Of course I immediately went home to research more about this gorgeous creature. I learned that they grow to be over 9 feet tall! Hard to believe this little guy who is no more then 6 inches long- would one day be bigger then me. They are also known to be very aggressive and require tons of space.



The more and more I look, the more and more I become obsessed. There is just thousands of lizards out there, and many that still have yet to be discovered.
Look at this unique lil guy. 
He is called a Sand Swimmer.
Look at this beauty, the Bluetail Mole Skink.

to be continued..... 
of course.............

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