Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I HATE Pet stores!

Every time I go to a pet store I get depressed on how some of the animals are treated. The reptiles are treated especially horrible. It is so upsetting seeing how the reptiles are in such horrible condition. The hamsters birds and rats are always better taken care of then these poor cold blooded reptiles.
In every pet store I have been in- I see them housed improperly with empty water bowls and all malnourished lethargic and pale- I want to start a riot! They just look miserable and it really hurts my heart. (Yes, I am way too sensitive lol)

I went to the pet store I actually bought both of my leopard geckos from yesterday. There were so many unhealthy malnourished lizards there, it really broke my heart. I feel like I rescued Xena and Rex from an unhealthy demise they would have met.

I have seen 4 leopard geckos grouped together in a 20 gallon tank skinny and all of them had regenerated tails from fighting and injuring each other- and they were housed on wood chips with only one place to hide. Geckos need to be housed separately or they will fight to the death! One of them was only a baby and already had a regenerated tail. They all needed to be separated and hydrated so bad!  Wood chips will tear up their skin and they can ingest them and immediately die.

They can put paper towels down, repticarpet or slate tiles- all of which is cheaper then woodchips!
There was also large tank of chameleons and about 6 of them were in there with really bad tough looking stuck shed all over them. I felt horrible for them. A little moisture and they would be comfortable again. What is wrong with these pet store managers? Then people come in uninformed and buy a sick and unhealthy lizard, and the store only gives a 30 day guarantee- so you have 30 days before you realize your animal will eventually die.

   I just want to adopt and save them all. There are a lot of people that adopt these animals to nurse them back to health, but what they don't realize is they are promoting the sellers from mistreating their animals because they figure out someone with a soft heart will buy them anyhow!! They are making money off of their own neglect.  My advice to all animal lovers is to leave a note and some care sheets on the proper way to care for these animals. If they don't adhere then the next step I am planning to take is to report them to the ASPCA.

I hate all pet stores! I wish I never had to step foot in another one again.

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