Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Google It Baby!

I have to admit, I am a Google addict. Honestly, I am not as smart as you think I am. LOL!
 People always ask ME questions, and look to me for help.  Well, they should be asking Google these things instead.  I think asking people questions is pointless if you can find the answer yourself by googling it. Before I ask anyone ANYTHING believe me I have googled it extensively first. People who have access to Google are NOT ALLOWED to be stupid or ask stupid questions.
I Google everything to death, from recipes, to health questions, directions, you name it, I've googled it.
 To my demise, Google has aided my obsessive compulsive disorder with the extensive research I have done on god knows what for god knows how long! LOL
I've also compulsively googled myself. I might do this daily. And quite to my demise I have seen some compromising information which actually gave out my address and street view of my house!! Uh,  I have stalkers, are you kidding me!!!  I contacted those websites immediately to have them REMOVE me! I suggest you do the same!
That being said, I will now pay a tribute to the best Google logo's ever. :) Today's logo of the Russian Faberge egg's inspired this post. They are beautiful!!:)

Under The Sea Category

This was my #1 fave!! It was an interactive sub machine. :)

Here is my 2nd favorite, LOVE Pirates!!

Creepy Category 


Out of this World!


Truly for the love of Art!

This makes the inner child in me very happy!

For the love of MUSIC!

For the Love of Steam Punk!

Here was another favorite, dedicated to Thomas Edison!

For the Love of  Retro!


These next four were submitted by children! I am just especially fond of them!

To be quite honest, I forgot what life was like before Google existed!

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