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I just finished watching this series. I am amazed. I am in awe. I'm madly in love with the characters! I originally watched this only for the simple fact that my FAVORITE most handsome in the world actor, Ian Somerhalder was in it.


moving right along...

Obviously I was quickly sucked into the story and stayed along for the ride.
There are so many amazing dynamics to this story. It is tragic, it is hilarious, it is mysterious, it is spiritually in-tuned, its a couple different love stories rolled into one, its an action packed adventure, its scientific, its orgasmic... I CAN GO ON AND ON! I often fantasized about being LOST on a beautiful tropical island in a crazy jungle. After various nights of LOST marathons, I recall having quite a few amazing dreams.

Many fans of this series were highly disappointing at the ending. Some say they rushed thru it and they were upset at so many loose ends. I have a bit of a different opinion, since I don't really enjoy stories where everything gets tied up, everything is always Honky-Dorey..! Actually, lets not fool myself, I HATE happy endings with a passion. I love mysticism, mysteries and unsettled drama.
This ending to the series was pure bliss for me... although I found myself sobbing hysterically, LOL. Now that I think of it, I cried like a baby during quite a few of these episodes! And, I'd like to think I'm a tough cookie-
at least for a girl. :)
I got to see all the DEAD characters I missed badly, Boone, Charlie, the REAL Sayid, etc. Watching my favorite characters FINALLY being reunited with their loved ones... in death...was amazing. I felt they did a great job with that.
Now, I just joined a forum where people contemplate the story and despise the ending and I see many of them coming up with theories and the questions they still have. I enjoy reading thru them but what good would it do anyone to have everything thoroughly explained? If anything I would think it should inspire people to write their own stories and plots. I watched the series back to back unlike many of the hardcore fans, which left everything fresh in my mind and with minimum confusion. I think this would be an amazing book interpreted by someone who would like to fully explain every last detail to their heart's desire. ;)
I have started quite a few stories only to fail at trying to end them. Now I cant imagine trying to write in every loose end to be contained within 6 series time constraint! I think the writers did an amazing job with time limit and money budget. BRAVO!

Now I realize loose ends are really enticing. They will form a cult who develops, theories and alternate endings, and new fiction for me to enjoy. :)

Now- Here is where my blog post gets ridiculously LONG. If you haven't watched the series in its entirety, Click the X on the top right hand corner of your screen.
You will be bored, and LOST anyhow.

This particular fan DIVED DEEP into the depth, re-watched the series, with a notebook and a highlighter and pretty much figured out and answered every Loophole of the story.

The Rules

• Mother made it so that MIB and Jacob could not kill each other. Either Jacob could not change this rule or he just could not stomach killing his brother, or changing this rule opens Jacob to being murder by MIB in a split second. We have evidence for al 3: 1) When Jacob tried to break the rule and kill MIB, he created the smoke monster instead; and 2) We hve seen the phenomenon of not being to kill a family matter regardless of how vile they are previous on Lost - Locke in the Brig. No matter how vile Anthony Cooper was, Locke could not kill his own family. Not everyone suffered from this. For example, Ben killed his father, and MIB killed his “mother;” 3) MIB is a smoke monster and would likely take Jacob out in a split second if he could – physically speaking.

• If the Island is not done with you, you will not die. This rule applies whether you are on or off the island. This rule is likely created by Jacob. No evidence of where the rule comes from, except that the Others know it and the Others think they are Jacob’s people.

• Richard is the Liason to Jacob, and only the leader of the Others can get an audience with Jacob, via Alpert.

• MIB cannot leave the island as long as either Jacob is alive or one of the Candidates is alive.

• Jacob leaves the island, MIB cannot. Obviously

• MIB reads minds and thoughts. But, MIB cannot leave the island. So, he can only know what is going on if it happens or is discussed or is thought about on the island. Anything that happens off island and is not discussed on the island, MIB has no access too.

• Jacob TELLS Richard that he does not interfere. Richard tells him that this is a stupid philosophy because MIB absolutely interferes. Jacob asks Ricahrd to be his liaison, but he tells Richard that he will not interfere that Richard will be doing this. Yet, we see Jacob interfere constantly, particularly off island. He manipulates events to get the losties on the plane, he touches, them, he watches them, he makes them candidates, he saves their lives. Constant interference. We can extrapolate that Jacob does interfere but does not want anyone to know this because he does not want MIB to get wind of this. So, he keeps Richard in the dark. It is not that Richard would tell MIB, but thoughts can be read and manipulations can be had easily. So, Jacob keeps some things secret.

• The Light is EM or contains properties just like EM. MIB was created out of the EM/Light. The EM/Light if harnessed is able to control time. See “Because You Left” opening scene, Marvin Candle Dialogue – “If we can harness this limitless energy, we can manipulate time.” We can then extrapolate that MIB can manipulate time.

• In room 23, the DI interrogated the Others, and then causes them amnesia before returning them to their camps. The Amnesia inducing visuals included the phrase, “Only fools are enslaved by space and time.” This is a belief that Jacob’s people likely had. Jacob was in charge of protecting the EM. This position gave him powers, in turn Jacob was able to bestow gifts on people. Of course, Alpert is an example. He is ageless. Not enslaved by time. He gave other gifts too- speaking to the dead, teleportation, reading thoughts, surviving illness, etc. all related to not being enslaved by space and time. And ultimately Desmond’s gifts. All of these appear to stem from the EM/light. In every iteration, specialness is somehow tied to space and time, and either stems from exposure to EM or is gifted by Jacob who harnesses EM power as its protector. Jacob is everywhere he wants and needs to be. So is MIB. Neither is stumped by the Losties travels or time travels. They are where they need to be at any point in the space time continuum. Jacob is protecting it, MIB is made of it. We can them extrapolate that both Jacob and MIB are no enslaved by space and time.

• This one is controversial. BUT. It seems that MIB is able to do two different things: 1) project an image from someone’s memory, or 2) take over a body. What he was as Locke and Christian seems very different than what he was as Walt, Ben’s Mother, the horse, etc. Christian could not have done for MIB what ultimately needed to be done, whereas Locke could. And, MIB seems to need the dead body on the island to fully take it over. Where as he can project any image he wants that he has extrapolated from a memory, whether that person is alive or dead.

The Loophole Game

• First, it seems that Jacob and MIB can not really hide their thoughts and ideas easily from each other. or even really hide from each other. the only thing they cannot do is kill each other. But, the seem to be connected in thought and intention somehow. Twins?? So, MIB sets out to find a future Others leader to manipulate. MIB’s first candidate for this manipulation is Ben Linus. He is vulnerable, and is thus susceptible to being MIB’s pet for anything he might need and to be fully corrupted from a young age. Plus, he sees from Alpert that Jacob and Alpert have an interest in Ben from a young age.

• MIB is aware of the candidates, their arrival, and their status when they are brought to the island. Richard does not. Jacob does not want Richard to know. Jacob needs Richard to just be a tool and convey only the necessary information.

• At some point, MIB realizes that Ben is not getting anywhere near jacob. It does not happen for years and does not seem likely to happen. So, MIB needs to create a new leader of the others who will get near Jacob. He has a list of candidates. He chooses Locke because Locke – like Ben- is easily manipulated. He makes Locke walk. He gives him dreams. He gives him every indication that he is special, and he rubs Ben’s nose in this as well. He gives Ben cancer.

• Jacob is not interfering. Jacob’s plan includes letting MIB’s plan come to fruition just up to the point of success. But, Jacob is laying his own plans off island (see later).

• MIB is not enslaved by space and time. He has harnessed the EM to control time because he is made up of the EM. So, he decides to create an ontological paradox out of Locke himself.

• MIB’s manipulation of Ben was to cause Jacob to give up on Ben. Jacob brings people to the island. If he does not want you there, you will not make it. If he does, then you will end up on the island. So, when the freighter folk arrive, MIB takes this as 1) a sign that Jacob had given up on Ben and allowed widmore’s freighter onto the island and 2) the freighter offers an opportunity to either kill the candidates or get them off the island and to start the time travel.

• MIB can reach the freighter. We saw Christian there. The freighter was sent by widmore, widmore and jacob spoke off island, and jacob convinced widmore to help him. The freighter folk were specially selected. Naomi wanted to know why the misfits? It is because Jacob selected them. They were not only candidates but were also there to help the losties to and through the incident and the time travel. MIB let Alex die. Jacob did nothing to stop this. Alex's death sets Ben off, naturally.

• When the time came, all the extraneous people were killed off. The Em around the island, despite being manipulated by Jacob and MIB can also cause its own problems. That is why Faraday was brought there too. Desmond reaches out to Penny in the Constant. Likely, Jacob went to Penny to help her find the island so that the Losties could be rescued. Or, he allowed the information to be released to her. After all, the searcher was close to the island, very close before the island moved. So, to infer from that, Jacob must have been bringing Penny to the island. Jacob had to let the O6 off the island to 1) save them and 2) let MIB's plan work.

• Widmore told us that Jacob came to him. Jacob probably came to Eloise too. Both of them were leaders and both of them knew Jacob. Jacob was probably the one who gave Eloise the information she needed- either through the notebook or directly. And, only as much as he wanted her to know and needed her to know.

• Ben knows that the “island” let Widmore get there. He is undermined. He thinks he is now disfavored. MIB tells Locke to move the island. MIB knows that when the wheel is turned the time travel can begin and that whoever turns the wheel will leave the island. MIB I believe controls the time travel -who travels and to where. It was too coincidental. MIB is not enslaved by the time travel because he is everywhere he needs to be when they time travel. He is the EM, he has harnessed its energy and as Chang said, he can manipulate time now.
• MIB really needed Ben to move the island. But, if he did not and Locke did it instead, he knew that Locke would try to return with all the Losties. He knew that Jacob would want this. And, he knew that he could convince Ben to leave and kill Locke before returning with the body and the Losties. But, as it turned out, Ben turned the wheel. Ben thought this is what Jacob wanted. This is what MIB wanted, and thus, that is what Jacob wanted too. So, Ben was set up by both of them and it worked.

• With Ben and the O6 gone, MIB sent the time traveling Losties to specific places in time in order to create a false hero out of Locke to Richard and the Others. Then, of course, he told Richard to tell Locke that he needed to die. He knew that one way or another Locke would die. Either Ben or suicide. He would die.

• I think that both MIB and Jacob can control time, and can give visions. The time travel stuff was manipulation by both of them, of Desmond and the Losties. Both the consciousness and the physical time travel. On the other hand, if only MIB can control time and give visions, then Jacob brought farady, miles and charlotte in order to allow the losties to save themselves and use the EM to zap themselves to the present at the time of the incident.

• MIB knew about Eloise Hawking from the island. I think that Jacob wanted MIB to know about Eloise. MIB can only know about those things that are discussed, thought, or happen on the island. Eloise and Richard were close. Richard probably knew about Eloise’s position. And through that MIB got the same knowledge.

• So, when Locke was sufficiently set up as “special” to Richard and the others, MIB dropped him in the well, and told him to go get everyone and bring them back and of course underlined the notion that he himself put into place – that Locke had to die.

• MIB wanting to bring back the O6 seems counterintuitive. But, it is not. He needs a purpose for Locke. He needs Jacob to allow Locke’s body and Ben back on the island. He needs them dead more than just gone off the island. He wants to zap them to the 70’s and then kill them in the incident. (see more below)

• Jacob, in the meantime is messing with the O6 to push them into returning to the island. Remember he interferes just off island where no one gets wind of the fact that he interferes. He gives kate bad dreams- tells her not to bring back aaron. He gives hurley the gift of talking to dead people- he had it before, but he really pushes it forward. The real Christian comes to Jack (it can only be the real Christian) and Jacob probably has something to do with this.

• Somehow talking to the dead has something to do with time. We see it in the FSW and in Happily Ever After. Death is linear to life, it comes after. So, communicating with the dead must, in Lost have something to do with time.

• So, all things fall into place. Locke was going to kill himself but Ben beat him to it. The O6 are convinced to come back with the help of Ben (who does it because they are his ride) and Jacob (the island is not done with them yet) and Eloise (who has the means powered by Jacob).

• They get on 316, and MIB zaps them to the 70’s with the rest of the candidates right as they come into the island window.

• Jacob knows that MIB did this, and planned it that way. Jacob allowed it to happen.

• Ok, this gets really weird. MIB is not enslaved by space and time. And, MIB gets his information from reading other people. At the point of space time when the incident is occurring, MIB is busy being Locke in the present. And, what he knows about the incident is that Richard said he saw an explosion and watched them all die. That was the plan for MIB, the losties would die in the incident. But, Jacob – who can also control time- zapped them to the present instead. MIB could do nothing about it and did not find out about it because he had no way to know about. His only knowledge came from everyone’s belief, including and especially Richard’s that they all died in the explosion.
• MIB was also surprised that Jacob let himself die. MIB’s plan was that Ben would kill Jacob and if Jacob fought it, then MIB could do it because he was now Locke, not MIB. The loophole is that he was no longer his brother. But, Jacob let himself be killed. Flocke was surprised, but pleased. But, then immediately he finds out that the candidates are back and that he cannot leave still. He is pissed.

• He tries to get them to kill each other, to only some success.

• He asks Ben to kill them all. This plan is difficult. And, Jacob’s ghost is still there messing with him. And, Ben is wishy wash. One minute he is gonna do it, then he is not. So, MIB goes to plan B.

• Plan B is destroy the island so there is no need for candidates at all. Of course, it is possible that he would destroy the island even if the candidates were killed. Once Jack becomes the leader, MIB is free to kill him and try to destroy the island.

• So, the end game is that MIB/Flocke will use Desmond to pull the plug and destroy the island. He learned of this possibility from Widmore. Jacob did not tell Jack what to do with Desmond or at all because he did not want MIB to get wind of this plan. Jacob told Widmore only what he wanted MIB to know. So, Jacob had to let Jack figure it out on his own for safety sake. Once the plug is pulled and the connection to the EM is killed, Flocke can be killed, all his powers are gone. [yeah, I know, stupid].

• But, now, jack can kill flocke, flocke can kill jack and the island can be destroyed if the losties cannot have a good old fashioned fight to death, win, go back and replug. No special powers, no EM harnessed, no space time issues. Just plain old fight.

• A lot of this plan depends on people’s action once the manipulation starts. But, also, Jacob and MIB were working the same plan up to the end game. So, where MIB might have failed, Jacob picked up the slack. That is why you here everyone seemingly talking about the same things needing to happen and yet they may be on opposite sides.

• Even though this is really Jacob’s plan, Jacob could not actually do the killing because of the rule that he cannot kill his brother. So, he HAD to sacrifice himself for MIB to be killed.

• Jacob knows about MIB’s plans, but MIB only knows about Jacob’s plan to the extent Jacob wants him to know. Jacob’s ace in the hole is that he can leave the island, where is powers are still potent and MIB cannot reach there.

In summary, this poster has thoroughly explained the entire dynamic of the show. I was too busy staring at Boone's eyes and Sawyer's dimples to dive that deep into the realms of the jungle. LOL!!

No But seriously.
After this interpretation everything clicks into place. Unfortunately, now, I have no more mysteries or important questions and MAN I would have rather pondered about the actual dynamic of the show for years instead of quickly closing this chapter!
For most, Lost is like a long term love affair that ended abruptly and bitterly.
Well, It ended extremely happy for me, for this reason alone...
At least we have one remaining character forever imbedded in our hearts till the very end...............

VINCENT!! The last lone soldier!!

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