Wednesday, March 28, 2012


My poor lizard Rex is having a hard time. His stitches fell out and the tip of his hemipenes is sticking out again. I have an appointment to bring him to the vet at 4:00. This has been some ordeal. His first surgery was hard on him, they administered anesthesia twice which really took him a long time to recuperate from. On top of that he had to take antibiotics daily which killed his appetite. I had to administer liquid nutrients from a syringe and try to force feed him because he was getting skinny. The first vet visit was a whopping $200. Hopefully this is not an expensive visit today.
My poor Lizard. :(
Pray for us today!

Also wanted to plug here: this is a GREAT community for reptile owners People are so friendly and EXTREMELY helpful with all Lizards here. Better then any book or doctor, they are the reptile experts! :)

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