Monday, March 26, 2012

My small corner of the world...

I deserve my small part of the world. Im strongly opinionated and very unique. It seems I am late to the Blog party, but better late then never. I will share some of my work,  beauty tips, secrets and advice, Recipes, strange findings, politics, religious antics, DRAMA, and whatever else enters my dark realm of a mind.

It seems I have always, reluctantly, been a leader of some sort of rebel group. I go against every trend and make my own unique decisions. If there was a fork in the road I always paved the way straight through. I love to read and watch anything to do with horror. I may have a small case of OCD as I seem to pick a topic and research it for weeks until I become somewhat of an expert. I love all things art and fashion. I did end up with a fashion degree under my belt but after being exposed to that tight lipped high and mighty society I decided to steer off that path. I ended up in the mortgage world, servicing, collecting, modifying, assisting people to save their homes from this troublesome state of economy. I also enjoy making graphic design and crafting.

I have traveled Europe an hope to venture back STAT as I feel at home there.
I am an 80's child, born to a greek american vietnam veteran and italian american english school teacher. I have indulged in many of bizarre foods and mingled with many cultures... I hope to one day find my own in a welcoming society of people like me.
I am known as Victory as I seem to conquer any obstacle thrown my direction, which seem to be massive at times. It is my niche, to analyze everything to bits until it dissolves into micro-molecules before my eyes.

This is my intro into my world... Welcome!
A big shoutout to my bestie Arthur for my gorgeous background and logo! :)

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