Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Indoor Herb Garden

Growing herbs indoors with artificial sunlight is challenging. You quickly find out what will thrive and what will wilt away. It is truly a challenge.
I currently have 3 different types of everlasting basil, Lavender, green onions, and cilantro. In the dome is a germination process for growing carnivorous plants, Venus flytrap.

At one point I did have Thyme and mint thriving, but they only lasted a couple months, and their leaves were tiny. I think the basil stole all the water and light from them. I will try them again at some point.

I started a tomato plant which began to thrive then quickly toppled over.
I also tried a squash plant with began to thrive, until my cat ATE it :( LOL. I am so fond of squash flowers, they are hard to find and I would like to harvest my own to cook in the future.

I have tons of jars of pesto sauce pruned from my basil plants. Every time I prune this plant, it seems to multiple over night.

I decided in the future I will buy plants that are already matured and maintain them, instead of starting with seeds. Indoor is just too tough on them.

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