Thursday, March 29, 2012

Food Bazaar!

I am truly fascinated with bizarre foods, and more then likely I will try anything once!
There is a market near me that sells all kind of wild game and fish and I love experimenting in the kitchen with new international type of ingrediants! There is a television show on the travel channel called Bizarre Foods, I adore this show! I would love to travel the world and try all kinds of crazy things. My father did this and came back with stories of turtle blood soup and poisonous blowfish (no thanks!)

I have tried my hand at quite a few crazy foods in my lifetime. You can thank my father for most of these, who I gained my curiosity from.

Ostrich-deliciously delicate
Alligator - deliciously spicy
Bison - just like a smokey beef, pretty bland.
Deer - too gamey. and I felt guilty
Rabbit - delicious, but again, I felt guilty
Thai Chicken feet- delicious!
Frog legs- Not a fan! I couldn't swallow!
Snake- Delicious! Similar to alligator
Quail - nothing remarkable here but very delicate and chewy
Goat- one of my favorites! Especially curry goat.
Jamaican Butter Fish - Not too enjoyable!
Snails- Delicious! My grandmothers favorite
Raw Oysters- Not a fan! I don't like cold seafood other then sashima!
Shark- Delicious!
Jellyfish- not a fan of the texture
Seaweed- pretty good with salad.
Eel- Delicious!!
Pigs feet- Not particularly bad, but not a fan!

Here are the unusual foods I ADORE and crave all the time, that are really not so bizarre, (but my friends think it is)
Octopus/Squid/crayfish - my favorite! I'm on a hunt to find the worlds best Calamari! My hubby happens to like canned octopus, I think cold octopus is gross however, But I love to throw some into a seafood gumbo.
Wasabi Peas- spicy and delicious, my aunt put me onto these, thank you!
Fried Squash flowers - My favorite!! But everyone looks at me strange until they try one, then they beg for more!
Sugared Violets- These are delicious!
Fried Dandelions- Also very delicious!
Chicken liver Pate- delicious, but after a while it tastes like cat food lol!
Taramasalata- greek spread made from fish roe
Yellow Watermelon- delicious!!
Blood Orange- not strange to me, strange to "them" normal for italians :) delicious!
Fresh figs- read same description under blood orange- lol!
Lychee- delicious perfume like fruit. Love them!
Starfruit- Delicious and citrusy
Bone Marrow- I love to eat the insides of Beef, Lamb, Pig and chicken bones. It is delicious and nutritious and my favorite part of the meat!

I think I have a passion for eating flowers, I spent my whole childhood with my two best friends eating the nectar from the honeysuckles that grew in my backyard.
I have also ventured into the Bacon craze, with Bacon Brownies, Maple Bacon cupcakes, Chocolate covered Bacon, etc. Had some major fun there and plan to venture further as my dad discovered a recipe for apple pie with Bacon. :) He also put me onto Banana Mayo sandwiches, which is believed to be Elvis's favorite! lol.

Here is the most disgusting bizarre drink ever. It is called Retsina. It is a Greek wine made with pine resin, aka Turpentine. It tastes like ACID POISON. My father tricked me into drinking some and laughed as I swallowed this gasoline. BLERGh! My stomach still hurts and cringes from it!

I hope some day to try wild boar, and bear to complete the wild game list I have tried so far.
This is my top 10 list of strange foods I would love to try.

#1 being Honey Ants. They look delicious, and I want to bite it! and I hate bugs! weird!

#2 is a whole roasted Pig! I hope to get invited to a BBQ That features this! (update, I have tried this!)

#3 Cow tongue- cooked right, it looks like roast beef!

#4 Blood Sausage- looks delicious ! (update, I have tried this!)

#5 Boiled Banana Flower, from India!

#6 Kim-chee, fermented cabbage, not sure why I haven't munched on this yet? (update, I tried this and its pretty good!)

#7 Ricci di mare - Seaurchins.

#8 Tequila worms, I need the guts to eat these!

#9 1,000 old egg- made by preserving duck, quail or chicken eggs in a mixture of clay, ash, salt, lime and rice hulls for several weeks to several months, depending on the method of processing.
Looks intriguing! I would have to take a bite!

#10 Sweetbread!

All in all, if something looks bizarre more then likely I will try it. Asian cuisine seems to experiment into some bizarre places- that's exactly why I usually head to the Asian buffet once a month to see if they have anything new to try out! :)
Let me know your experiences and what foods you would like to try! I would love to hear it!

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